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Can Partnering with a Staffing Company Improve Shipyard Operations?

Can Partnering with a Staffing Company Improve Shipyard Operations?

Shipyards play a vital role in the maritime industry, where skilled workers are essential for successful project execution. However, sourcing and managing a skilled workforce can pose challenges for shipyards.

This is where a staffing firm like Unite Contracting (UC) comes in. By partnering with a team like UC, shipyards can access a larger pool of skilled workers, recruit more efficiently, improve flexibility, save on costs, and effectively manage risk and compliance.

Explore the advantages of collaborating with a staffing company to enhance shipyard operations:

Access to a Diverse & Skilled Workforce

Shipyards often require specialized tradespeople, including welders, marine electricians, ship fitters, blaster painters, outside machinists, and manual machinists.

Unite Contracting can connect shipyards with a diverse and talented pool of workers who may not be readily available through traditional hiring methods. By expanding the candidate pool, UC helps shipyards find the right fit for their specific projects, ensuring access to skilled workers with the necessary expertise and experience.

Moreover, UC’s extensive network allows for faster recruitment times. Shipyards can rely on UC’s expertise in candidate sourcing and screening, enabling them to fill critical positions more quickly. This agility in recruitment helps shipyards stay on time and on budget, reducing downtime and enhancing productivity.

Flexibility & Temp-to-Hire Options

Shipyards often face fluctuating staffing needs, especially during peak production periods or when tackling short-term projects. This is where the flexibility offered by Unite Contracting becomes invaluable.

UC can provide shipyards with temporary workers to meet short-term demands efficiently. Whether it’s additional welders for a project or extra support during a busy season, UC ensures shipyards have the workforce they need to maintain optimal productivity.

Furthermore, UC’s temp-to-hire option allows shipyards to evaluate workers on a trial basis before making long-term hiring decisions. This arrangement ensures that shipyards can identify and secure the ideal skilled workers who align with their requirements and team dynamics, enabling them to build a reliable and talented workforce.

Cost Savings & Streamlined Processes

Partnering with a staffing company like Unite Contracting can yield significant cost savings for shipyards. By engaging a staffing company, shipyards can reduce recruitment and hiring costs, as UC handles the candidate sourcing, screening, and onboarding processes.

Additionally, UC can assist with drug testing, further streamlining the hiring process for shipyards. They also have expertise in managing payroll, benefits, and employment taxes, alleviating the administrative burden on shipyards. By taking care of these front and back-office tasks, UC enables shipyards to focus on core operations, finding new business, and completing projects efficiently.

Risk Management & Compliance

Employment-related risks, such as workers’ compensation claims and legal liabilities, can pose challenges for shipyards. However, by partnering with UC, shipyards can offload some of these risks. UC assumes many of the legal and financial liabilities associated with staffing, providing shipyards with peace of mind and protection against potential issues.

Additionally, UC ensures regulatory compliance for shipyards. From environmental regulations to safety protocols and labor laws, UC helps shipyards navigate complex compliance requirements, reducing the risk of penalties and legal complications.

Contact Unite Contracting Today to Improve Shipyard Operations

Unite Contracting is committed to empowering shipyards with a skilled and reliable workforce, efficient recruitment processes, cost savings, and risk management solutions.

By partnering with Unite Contracting, shipyards can enhance their operations, stay on time and on budget, and focus on their core competencies. Visit Unite Contracting’s website or contact us today to learn how UC can support your shipyard staffing needs in Baton Rouge, LA; New Orleans, LA or anywhere in the USA.